Happy father’s Day!

A dad is someone whoWants to catch you before you fallBut instead picks you up,Brushes you off,And let’s you try again. A dad is someone whoWants to keep you from making mistakes,But instead let’s you find your own wayEven through his heart breaks in silenceWhen you get hurt. A dad is someone whoHolds you whenContinue reading “Happy father’s Day!”

My mother!

Who taught my infant lips to pray,To love and serve God every day,And walk in wisdom’s pleasant way?                    My mother! Who ran to help me when I fell,And would some pretty story tell,Or kiss the place to make it well?                    My mother! How could I ever cease to beAffectionate and kind to theeWho wast soContinue reading “My mother!”

Mother’s love!

A mother gives her children stepping stones to the stars,Her love is unconditional her heart has no bars. A mothers teaches her children to be confident and bold,Her special love to her children is more valuable than silver or gold. A mother picks up her children and wipes away life’s tears,She chases away monsters inContinue reading “Mother’s love!”

Happy mother’s day.❤

Hi all, hope you all are doing good. The above picture was drawn by me for mother’s day. Hope you will like it. I also have written a small poem. Dedicated to all the strong mother’s. Happy mother’s day!❤❣ You have given me lifeAnd showed me the light.Taught the strength to fight,And difference of wrongContinue reading “Happy mother’s day.❤”

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