My Sketch book #8

Hi all, hope you are all fine. I’m back with another sketchbook article of me. This time this is a complete pencil sketch. I recently learnt pencil sketching. This is just a try, hope you all will like it..! I used almost 4 types of pencils for this drawing. One thing that I’ve learnt fromContinue reading “My Sketch book #8”

Dear Fake friend!

Here it comes againThe pain of betrayalJust the price I have to payFor being way too loyal It hits me hard againThe pain of abandonmentJust a follow upOn being naive and ignorant There it is againThe pain of losing faithLocking away my feelingsFighting against the hate I fall down againThe pain of shattered trustIs thereContinue reading “Dear Fake friend!”

Story time #3

Hi all the amazing bloggers and readers..! Hope you all are doing great..! Here is a wonderful story that explains how value of life changes in different places. This will help you understand some few things about how worthy and priceless you actually are: “THE TRUE VALUE OF LIFE” A man went to God and asked,Continue reading “Story time #3”

Love yourself!

You were born to be who you are Embrace it You are a beautiful human Your unique beauty is yours alone You have any gifts and talents to share Share them in your own special way Your story is your alone Use it to help others with their Surround yourself with people who truly SeeContinue reading “Love yourself!”

Emoji creation #2

Hi all the amazing bloggers and readers. Hope you all are doing great..! So today I brought some new set of riddles..! Hope you all will like it..! I challenge you to find the answers as possible and post it in the comments. You need to find the word that is created using these emojis..!Continue reading “Emoji creation #2”

My sketch book #7

Hi all. Hope you all are doing good. I’m back with new sketches from my drawing book. Hope you all like it. Please like,share and follow my blog for more like this. Also check out my previous blog post here. Thank you Thank you so much! Hope you all will enjoy it. See you inContinue reading “My sketch book #7”

Sunshine blogger award!

Thanks to Geet, Poorwa and Lili for nominating me for this award. They all are beautiful and smart bloggers. Their blogs are interesting and inspiring to read. I love their blog. They are very kind and sweet. Please check it out you won’t be disappointed. This is my fifth blog award and I’m very excitedContinue reading “Sunshine blogger award!”

Riddles time #7

Hi all the amazing bloggers and readers..! Hope all of you having beautiful Monday. Today I’m back with another set of interesting riddles. Hope you will like it. And I’m sorry nowadays I can’t post regularly because I became little busy. I will try my best level to entertain you..! Please check out my previousContinue reading “Riddles time #7”

Emoji riddles #1

Hi everyone, hope you are fine! Following my riddle journey – Riddles time #6, Riddles time #5, Riddles time #4 and so on, I have come up with a new set of riddles. This time, it is different and I challenge you to find the answers as possible and post it in the comments. YouContinue reading “Emoji riddles #1”


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