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Be like waves. Click here to read the full post.


Smile,smile,smileIt removes the tension of your file,Let there be even a huge pile,You can complete then with a smile.Smile beautifies your face, with it, you win a race.Let it be an unsolved case,You can solve it with a smile on faceIt is a gift of god,But is very odd!We do not need money,Don’t you thinkContinue reading “Smile,smile,smile!!”

My sketch book #9

Hi all the amazing bloggers. Hope you all are doing good..! I’m back with another sketchbook article of me. This is just a try, hope you all will like it..! I almost 4 types of pencils for this drawing. One thing that I’ve learnt from drawing is patience. I felt happy and relaxed while drawing..!Continue reading “My sketch book #9”

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