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Hello, this is my new blog.

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Riddles time #10

Hi all the amazing bloggers..! Hope all of you having beautiful Thursday. So Today I’m back with another set of interesting riddles. Hope you will like it..! Please check out my previous post if you havn’t. I have post some interesting questions there. Following are the questions for today, 1. What is black when it’s…

Don’t give up..!!

Don’t give up and don’t give in It’s all in the Lord’s hands No matter what your facing He is the one who can. In any situation His grace can turn it around So you can be victorious As his love does abound. The beginning and the end he knows And all that’s between So…

Dear life….

If you want me to bow,I will stand up straight.You can know me down todayBut I will stand up tomorrow If you want me to cryI will gladly smileI will laugh every dayAnd I will keep doing that until I die If you want me to hateI will share loveDepending on free willAnd not just…

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